Troy Van Rie 1“At Smith Moore, I have been able to bring my clients over and enjoy the ability to do the work a financial advisor should do. That’s applying strategies and finding solutions for clients’ needs. We are able to use the whole spectrum of needs-based investment services.

“I love learning about my clients’ objectives and aspirations and then solving for those goals. With the solutions we have available, it’s great knowing there are strategies we’ll able to present to the client and Smith Moore will be able to deliver on the agreed upon recommendations.

“The products, the atmosphere—everything is geared toward success at the firm. This is true for both advisors and clients. Every operation and decision is carried out with purpose and integrity.”

- Troy Van Rie, Financial Advisor

Julie Shamhart 2“Smith Moore offers me all the resources of a large financial services firm with more flexibility and the freedom to run my practice the way I want. I can focus my energy on developing customized financial plans for clients and not attending endless meetings.

“Our group is tight-knit and structured to support each other’s needs. We also have access to the marketing tools and expertise of RBC to help with practice growth.

“When I transitioned my book of business, my clients were able to save half a percent or more on fees, which will have a positive impact on long-term savings. And the commission structure is extremely competitive.”

- Julie Shamhart, CFP®, Financial Advisor