Matt Priest

Following his distinguished service in the U.S. Navy, Matt Priest began serving individual investors at Merrill Lynch in 1999.  Throughout the financial collapse in 2008 and the years that followed, Matt grew increasingly frustrated with the trend of Wall Street and the financial industry as a whole, which consistently looked past the best interests of those individuals who trusted Matt to guard their financial future.  Times have changed and the traditional financial advisor/stock broker model has lost its appeal with mainstream America, where information is more readily available and trust for the industry has diminished significantly.  Fancy talk and fancy suites don’t build trust.

In 2011, Matt transitioned to Smith Moore, where he could focus his efforts toward building deeper relationships with retired individuals and those approaching retirement, without the added pressures of a large Wall Street firm.  Matt found that people were looking for the guidance of a knowledgeable financial professional, who fully understood their hope and vision for the retirement they had worked so hard to enjoy.    People who work with Matt are comforted by the fact that he is genuinely concerned for their future and he strives to build a long term trust that extends beyond the standard workweek.  Matt treats everyone as friends and family and is always available 7 days a week for a phone call or a cup of coffee.

Matt graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy, where he trained with the Navy Seals and was trusted for the protection of dignitaries in Southern Europe.  He remains active in the community as a boxing coach in the inner city and serves on the Board of Directors for Kansas City Golden Gloves.  Yes….Matt also trains and is registered to compete as a Master Boxer.  Matt and his wife, Sohee, met in South Korea while he was in the Navy and have been married for more than 22 years.  They live in Olathe, KS and have 2 boys who attend the University of Kansas.

Founded in 1913, Smith Moore is one of the oldest investment firms established west of the Mississippi River. For over 100 years, Smith Moore has a proud tradition of helping its clients to plan their financial futures, with a dedication to customer service.